Soil Polishing Filters

Soil Polishing Filters, sometimes called raised beds or mounds, are used for final filtration of effluent from a secondary treatment system or Wastewater Treatment Unit (WWTU), i.e. EuroTank, and for disposal to the ground.

Basic systems will have raised bed of soil usually 900mm high using soil that must have T/P value of between 3 and 30, tested in layers of 300mm as its installed. This will be followed on top by layer of distribution gravel incorporating the distribution pipework – all topped off with geotextile membrane and clay, to seal in and shape the mound.

Distribution pipework can be a gravity system of perforated 110mm piping fed by a Distribution Box or using pumped Low Pressure Pipe Networks (LPPN – Click for Pumped Discharge) which can reduce the overall sizing of the filter.

Soil Polishing Filters can be used :

  • To achieve minimum of 1200mm of unsaturated, where soil levels are low over bedrock, where water tables are high.
  • On-sites where soil conditions are not good for soakage, in which case a collector drain is placed around the perimeter of the mound for disposal to a stream or watercourse.

TPW Systems Ltd. ,can supply and install soil polishing filters with:

  • Full integration and matching to the wastewater treatment system
  • Percolation soil Blended and engineered to achieve T/P values of 3 to 30 ,tested and certified before delivery.
  • Gravity or pumped distribution pipe systems.
  • Full independent cert of installation and compliance as insisted by most Local Authorities.

Soil Polishing Filters

from TPW mainly Wexford, Wicklow, Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow.